New Life Youth Group


Every week a group of radical-for-Christ  teenagers gather together to grow in God. We believe this is the generation that will cause a revolution in their City and make history!  Join us every Wednesday at 7pm and encounter God like never before!

Jesus Party every Friday 7pm to 10pm
at 706 w. Hullum

pool tableOnce a week the youth are picked up in our church van to attend a Jesus Party. The Jesus Party is located in a three car garage with a pool table, ping pong table, and a basketball hoop. We have volunteers from the church who prepare meals for every party.

The night starts off with a meal and recreation time then transitions into a lesson. Each lesson prepared by the youth leaders will include basic fundamentals on spiritual subject matters such as; salvation, sharing their faith, witnessing and how to study the word of God. Through the Holy Spirit, teachers will impart wisdom, insight, encouragement and motivation during each teaching using the Word of God as the main foundation.

Open discussion: this portion of the night will allow the youth to express their thoughts and insights. They will also have an opportunity to preach a sermon that they have prepared.

Night of Power – once a month on Friday

(takes place of Jesus Party)

seanThis night consists of three workshops; Worship, Ministry and Prayer.

Worship: covers anything from song writing, reverencing the Holy Spirit, recognizing shifts in the atmosphere and definitions of worship.

Ministry: church ethics, fivefold, creating and delivering sermons

Prayer: the teaching of different types of prayer such as; intersession, deliverance, healing etc.

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