What is RightNow Media?

Sometimes called the “Netflix of Christian Media,” RightNow Media is a benefit to all attendees of New Life Restoration Church that have registered for the service for their families.

After you’ve confirmed your family’s membership with NLRC, click the “SIGN UP for RightNow Media” button below and fill out and submit the form; the church staff will prompt RightNow Media to send you an invitation to join this online resource via e-mail. Once you’ve gotten the e-mail, all you need to do is click “Accept” and you will be directed to RightNow Media’s website where you will be prompted to create an account. Then you can begin enjoying all that RightNow Media has to offer you in supplementing your personal spiritual development!

Interested in getting RightNow Media for your whole family?

Staff Pick of the Week

Pastor Dennis’ Pick – January 11, 2015


In the Life. Money. Legacy. series, Dave Ramsey presents a biblical view of money in five entertaining, practical messages. Recorded live at Gateway Church, each 30-minute sermon teaches viewers how to handle their personal finances God’s ways and how to build a lasting legacy that will transform generations to come.

Judy Hall’s Pick – January 18, 2015


What if you started being you? As Staci Eldredge reminds us, God offers us hope when we feel stuck in life and even invites us to participate in our own amazing transformation! Ideal for small-group use, this eight-session video study accompanies the book, Becoming Myself and its study guide. Along with a live audience of women, Stasi leads us through eight compelling sessions.

Van Moore’s Pick – January 25, 2015


Surrender typically implies weakness, loss and defeat. Can you actually gain something by giving up? Jesus said that the only way to truly live is to fully surrender your life to Him. In these four challenging youth Bible study sessions, students share real-life stories about their own struggles and triumphs in surrendering to Christ. Francis Chan examines Scripture to show students that it is only through surrendering to God that they can become who God wants them to be.

Yuri Martinez’s Pick – February 1, 2015


Money, in-laws, sex, arguments … we all want a healthy, loving marriage, but there are so many real issues that can stand in the way.

Research has shown that over 50% of marriages are ending in divorce. That is why we’ve partnered with Pastor Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge Radio Program, financial guru Dave Ramsey and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner to tackle the common issues couples are facing in their marriages today.

Marriage: Built to Last isn’t your typical marriage study. Throughout the series, you’ll watch 24 real life couples from across the country share candidly about their struggles in communication, finances, sexual intimacy, expectations, and more.

In this Bible study, you will hear the story of Dave Ramsey and his wife Sharon as they recovered from financial stress and hardship. You will hear the story of Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda share candidly about expectations, trust issues, and adjusting to a blended family.

Whether you’re newly married, remarried, or wanting to improve your relationship, Chip Ingram provides Biblical and practical teaching to give you tools to live intentionally and love biblically.